A HISTORICAL EXAMPLE – From my experience

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After the dramatic events of the first and second world wars, the world went into a recovery period. During this time the church played a vital role. The church became established again and helped many people to find that sure foundation again. Worship was primarily hymns accompanied by an organ. But by the end of the sixties things began to change again. In the midst of this there emerged a fresh visitation from the Lord. It came in a way that no one really anticipated and influenced a group of people that we would consider the most unlikely candidates – Hippies. A man, by the name of Lonnie Frisbee emerged, on whom the hand of God obviously rested. A revival broke out (The Jesus Movement) and thousands of people came to know Christ, and many were baptized in the ocean on the west coast of the USA. Much of this revival happened in a church called Calvary Chapel. The influence of these people who had received a fresh touch from God and had been radically saved and changed brought change to the church as it was known. The worship changed and for the first time, bands would be allowed in churches to lead worship. This was the start of something completely new. Many new church groups and movements came into being all around the world and these changes led to the modern style of worship that is enjoyed around the world today. It set the stage for the new generation and opened the doors to what we see happening in churches around the world today.

I grew up in a traditional church with a wonderful biblical foundation. We had been in this church for several generations and my father was a Pastor in this denomination. My father was in ministry at the time when the things recounted above, took place. He was open to the Spirit of God and this saw many changes taking place in our church, much of which I was too young to fully grasp and understand. But in the height of this movement in America, this Pastor, Lonnie Frisbee came to our country and our church. He was a radical and unusual looking man. I attended two meetings, both of which left a profound mark on my life. I saw God working in the lives of people and I saw how they changed and became radical for the Lord. The next meeting that I attended was in a local school hall. Again, Lonnie Frisbee spoke, and his radical and ‘sold-out’ pursuit of God was evident. He spoke about how the Lord wanted to come and touch us right there in that meeting and that is exactly what happened. I was prayed for and the only way I can explain it is that I experienced a fresh, new, and empowering touch from the Lord, as young as I was. For days after this meeting people would speak to me and tell me a very similar observation. They observed that there was a ‘glow’ about me. They could see something about me that was visibly different. Although I was not aware of it, I knew that something had shifted within me, and I would never be the same again. Had it not been for that fresh touch from God on that young boy, I doubt if I would even have been in the ministry today.

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