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Genesis 19:27 ‘Abraham… hurried out to the place…’

We need to find a place where we can spend time with the Lord. It may be that you have an awesome spot to spend time with God, but it can also be a regular spot you find yourself in. Often when I open my curtains in the morning and the light floods my room, then I can look out and see the beauty of God in nature and I can enjoy the moment of thankfulness in His presence. It could be a few moments in bed as you pick up your phone and read a scripture and say a short prayer. It could be that place in front of your computer before that rush of the day starts that you may read the Daily Thought that we send out via email and take a moment to pray the prayer. (If you don’t receive these and would like to, just send me an email to and I will send it to you.) Then we must make that moment in that place a daily priority. This was a priority for Abraham – it says he hurried out to the place. You can almost feel the urgency and the importance of being there. He was not dragging his feet, in fact he was in all likelihood running to get there. Find that place and hurry to get there each day.


Genesis 19:27‘…the place where he had stood in the LORD’s presence.’

This was not the first time that Abraham had met with God in that same place. I am sure that it was part of his daily routine to meet with and interact with the Lord at this spot. It was a place that he was familiar with – he had been there before. It was his routine to make room for these moments with the Lord. It is interesting to note that it was a place where he could just stand in God’s presence. It was not only a place where he prayed, pleaded and negotiated with God, but it was also a time and a place where he would become aware of God’s presence. When I was a child we were part of a church that always put on a Christmas pageant. Every year we would celebrate this special time of the year with a dramatised presentation of the nativity story. I was always a shepherd, and it didn’t demand much. I could just stand there, with the other shepherds, in my outfit and with my staff (a long stick that is carried). The scene just before I would make my appearance around the manger, was always a stirring moment for me. The choir would sing the song ‘NO ROOM’. It was a Christmas song about how Joseph and a pregnant Mary arrived in Bethlehem to find that there was no room available for them in the Inn. They ended up in a stable with a manger (cattle feeding trough) as their home for this most wonderful night for all humanity. I was always amazed that no one could make room for the Saviour and the song focused on the fact that we need to make room for the Lord in our hearts and lives. I want to encourage you to ‘make room’ for the Lord in your daily life. Let it be a part of your routine and a priority to spend a few sacred moments with your Heavenly Father.

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