These men were professional and experienced fisherman.  If anyone could have brought success to fishing it would have been them. Professionals can usually bring the greatest opportunity for success. It is for this reason that when we need help in any area, we will usually seek out the help of a professional. If we are sick we will look for a Doctor, if we are in trouble we will look for a Lawyer, if we need advice we will seek a trained counselor. But human wisdom and human expertise can only take us so far. Sometimes even with a Doctor, or a Lawyer or a Counselor we don’t find what we are looking for. It is then that we need to look to the Great Physician, The Advocate and the Wonderful Counselor for the breakthrough we long for. I have seen the presence of God at work in people’s lives and produce results that years of counselling have not been able to achieve. I have seen the presence of God touch the lives of people and the legal challenges that they have faced have suddenly been resolved. I have seen the presence of God come into people’s lives and they choose to forgive and their health issues get resolved.


God can take the very same nets that came up empty under our own initiative and fill them when we are operating under His instruction and in His presence. God can take what is empty and fill it up to overflowing. This may appear to be just a side story when seen in conjunction with the big picture of Jesus and the difference His presence made in this situation. But may we never lose site of the wonderful fact that because of Jesus these empty nets were filled. There is nothing worse for a fisherman than empty nets! Recently my brother went fishing with his son. They fished for 4 hours and caught nothing, not even a nibble or a bite. When he got home he called me and told me what an utter waste of time it had been. I reminded him that at least he got to spend that time with his son, doing something that his son loves to do. Perhaps there is an ’empty net’ in your life? Something that you had really hoped would work, something that you put great effort and energy into and yet it never brought the reward you had hoped or seen others achieve with much less effort? Remember it is the Lord who fills the empty nets, if we will call on Him and follow His instructions. Give Him your ’empty nets’ today!

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