Recently I received an email, and the sender told me that they were at their wits end. They just wanted to give up. This feeling is something that we all have to face in the course of life. I want to encourage you today and remind you to HOLD ON. It is as we HOLD ON that we can step over into victory. The season of HOLDING ON is an important part in the development of our character. There is an old song that speaks in this regard. Its words are as follows: ‘Hold to His hand – to God’s unchanging hand’. Today, no matter what you are facing, keep on holding on.

We all need to ask ourselves this question. What are we holding onto in life for our security? Are we holding onto something that can be trusted? I have discovered that the ability to hold on depends on whether or not we have taken hold of that which can be depended on. When we hold onto anything other than God we can expect to be disappointed. People will let you down, money comes and goes, beauty is temporary and even those close to you will drop you. But God has told us that He will never leave us or forsake us!

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