Jesus is ready to meet your every need

Mark 10:51-52 “Go,” said Jesus, “your faith has healed you.” Immediately he received his sight and followed Jesus along the road.  
The response from Jesus is interesting! He says to the blind man ‘GO”!
It is often only in the ‘going’ that the miracle happens. Sometimes we want to stay and have everything change, but we must go and then see the change. As a result he was immediately healed.
And it is interesting to note where he went. He did not go back to his things or perhaps his beggar’s takings that he had left with his cloak. He did not go to his family or friends. It says he followed Jesus down the road.
This shows us that he really did see and what he saw he would not give up. The older translations say that he followed Jesus ‘in the way’! This indicates more than just down the road, but rather he became a follower or a disciple of Jesus.
For each one of us, that is our destination!
Wherever you may have been, whatever you may have experienced or gone through, the goal is that you and I would become a follower and a disciple of Jesus. When we get the attention of God, we become His disciple.
He moved from a beggar to a disciple of Jesus. What an honour!
He will do the same for you, He will restore you!

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