Give me an undivided heart

The Psalmist writes and declares his desire. He has two desires and two outcomes.
1. TEACH ME YOUR WAYS – and I will walk in Your truth!
2. GIVE ME AN UNDIVIDED HEART – that I may fear Your name!
These two desires should be our desires as well! We live in a world where people want to do ‘what seems good to them’ – people are not ready to receive instruction or be taught.  We also live in a world where people’s hearts are divided. It is almost as if people battle to focus on any one thing for more than a few moments.
I was talking to someone lately and he was telling me that the modern youth are what we should call ‘screen-agers’. Their lives are dictated to by the ‘screens’ in their lives; the computer screen, the TV screen, the mobile device screen, and you only get a few minutes focus to reach them.
The world uses all it has to offer and it screams for our attention from every side, so that we can feel torn between all the demands and we end up with divided hearts. The Psalmist has picked this up and his prayer should be our prayer: ‘O Lord, give me an undivided heart!’

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  1. That is so true.Seems as if all their time, is taken up, through the modern media.
    We also need to plan to spend time with the Lord and our families.
    It seems as if the Lord, no longer has the first place in our lives.
    Let us give Him back the most important place,which is in our hearts.

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