Praise be to God

Praising God should be our lifestyle of choice. We should ‘bless the Lord at all times’!

Psalm 34:1 ‘I will bless the LORD at all times; His praise shall continually be in my mouth.’ 

We should praise and bless the Lord at ALL times. This includes the good times and the bad times. The times of success and the times of failure, the times of health and the times of sickness, the times of confidence and the times of fear, the times of plenty and the times of lack, the times of hope and the times of despair.
It is so easy to get into a complaining mode, but this robs us of our ability to trust God and makes us weak, so that we become discouraged and then we could be tempted to despair. The Apostle Paul had experienced many trials and afflictions, but he had also been blessed by many remarkable comforts from God, and so he could say: ‘Praise be to God!’.

  • Praising God may be a response to His blessing and favour on your life.
  • Praising God may also be prophetic, as we trust God to move in our situation.
  • Praising God may also be a way in which we can take our eyes off of the prevailing issues and allow us to focus on our source!

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