It will be worth it all when we see Jesus

This was one of my own earthly Father’s quotes: ‘It will be worth it all when we see Jesus’ – Pastor Ed Roebert, 17 November 1991
You may be hesitant to let God use you, BUT it will all be worth it when you see Jesus. Perhaps you have been used by God, but now you are tired. Press on! It will all be worth it when we see Jesus.
Pastor. H.F. Weitsz – Once you KNOW that you are on GOD’S mission and committed to HIS destiny for you, NOTHING will deter you. We cannot stamp out GOD’S purpose for us!
‘All of the blessings that God has planned for us (including the blessing of being used by Him) are to be appropriated by faith!’ – Pastor Ed Roebert, 9 October 1994 (The section in brackets has been added)
Pastor Harry Koekemoer – ‘Nothing is as rewarding as doing what the Lord tells you to do!’
God is ready to use you. Make yourself available to Him, step up and place yourself in the line of duty. It is time!

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  1. When I start reading this I ask my self of God is reddy but say now I feel not ready then I get this voice hoe told me now one was ever ready to start, it is the Lord hoe are ready. Open your self and let Him work with you. It is worth it tray it and let Him lead you.

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