The secret of contentment

Contentment is one of the most illusive qualities.  Most people are not content and society tells us that we should never become content.  We are restlessly dissatisfied and we have an ever-growing desire for more and better.  But God has a better plan for each one of us!
Our natural tendency is towards dissatisfaction.  Our desire for more and better is overwhelming.  The advertising world uses this tendency to promote and push their products.  People will go into debt to satisfy immediate desires and wants.
This tendency goes even further to the point that some people want what others have got and are always trying to ‘live-up’ to the others.  The Bible calls this covetousness. It is interesting that one of the TEN COMMANDMENTS tells us that we should not covet what others have. For this to happen it presupposes a level of contentment.
Some people have the philosophy of life that you should never lose ground or go backwards in life. This creates a subtle pressure in which we begin to believe if we are not gaining more, we are not making progress.
All these things lead us away from contentment.  It is not our natural tendency to be content.
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  1. We should hunger and thirst after ‘contentment’ in Christ, we will then not be half empty or half full, we will have an ABUNDANT overflow! Your words are always a blessing to me!
    God bless Richard

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