Discontentment vs. contentment

Discontentment is never fully satisfied.  If we are fundamentally dissatisfied and discontent, this will grow and we will become even more dissatisfied.  To be content is a skill, an art and something that we need to learn and acquire for ourselves.  In the Bible we see how contentment is something we have to learn, a skill that must be acquired.Philippians 4:11 I have learned to be content whatever the circumstances.
We have to teach ourselves and learn to be content.
I was one that wanted whatever my eyes saw. My mother used to tell me that it was not a pleasure taking me to the shops as a child, because I would get the ‘gimmie’s’. That is a strange word, but I wanted my mother to ‘give-me’ what I saw and wanted in the shops. It made shopping so unpleasant that she preferred to do shopping without me. (It is interesting to see how early in life the desire for more and for what we don’t have is established.)
As I grew up I used to go through shops and admire all the things on the shelves. I would imagine how great it would be to have unlimited money so that I could buy all the things my heart desired on the shelves. Shopping became unpleasant for me. Walking around wishing I could have everything and knowing that I could not made it a misery.
Then an interesting thing happened. Due to a combination of circumstances we sold our home and moved. When I began to pack I began to realize just how much stuff (things) I had. I was distressed that one person could have so much and yet be dissatisfied and wanting more. I suddenly discovered that having an excessive quantity of things was actually a hindrance and God began to do a miracle for me in my heart. I was learning to become content. I started by giving away what I did not need. What a joy that was. From a clutching mindset I began to change to a more giving mindset.
Today when I go to the shops it is a pleasure. I can walk through the rows of shelves and admire all the lovely things and at the same time know in my heart that I do not need them and I am free of that pressure that desires what I see. It is such a release and such a blessing.
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