The 99% control idea

Here we give God control over almost everything. 99% represents almost everything. What people see from the outside may leave them feeling impressed that we are ‘sold out’ to God.

But there is some area, some aspect, some dimension that we have held onto and not completely given into His hands. You see we all have a free will, so there is nothing stopping us from holding on to all control. But here we believe we have given all, but when it comes to a certain thing, we dig in our heels.

It could take the form of a sin, a weakness, a habit, a passion, a fascination, a preference, an attitude, an idea or any aspect that is not fully given over to God.
The danger here is that we are actually deceiving ourselves. The truth is that if we hold back on one area, when the heat is on, we could hold back on another area.
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