The 51% control idea

Years ago I was part of a negotiation between two organizations. It was a critical negotiation that would determine the future of Christian television broadcasting in our country.
The government had given the organizations an ultimatum to work together and then they (the government) would make certain broadcasting opportunities available to Christians. So the negotiations continued, but the one party insisted they were only prepared to work with us, or anyone for that matter, as long as they had 51% control. This lead to a breakdown in the negotiations and ultimately the opportunity was lost.
Sometimes we are like this in our relationship with God. We know that we should give God 100% control, but we would like to negotiate and we are prepared to give God 49%, as long as we can retain the 51%. This effectively means we stay in control.
I often ask myself why it is that human nature always wants to remain in a position of power. It is almost as if we always want the upper hand. We may even be able to give God 51% control, but we hold onto the 49% with all our might.
At best we may be prepared to give God the deciding vote, but this is not giving Him 100% control in our lives! We are perhaps prepared to give Him the veto, but for the rest of the time we want to be left to our own devices. This may all work well, until the day trouble comes.
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