The family of God

When God created man, it was His desire to have a family of men and women in His likeness and in His image, with whom He could have fellowship, share His life and His love.

God spent the first five days of creation preparing a home for this family. He created all theĀ  things that make up the creation so that we could have enjoyment and pleasure from them, and then on the sixth day He created us, so that we could be His very own!

God placed man and woman, whom He had made, in the beautiful garden of Eden, and gave them permission to eat from any tree in the garden, including the tree of life.

However, there was one tree from which God commanded them not to eat; for if they ate from it they would die. God gave them the choice of obeying and loving Him and as a result living, or of disobeying Him and dying.

They made their choice and as a result they lost so much – ultimately everything!

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