What is expectation?

According to the definition of the word EXPECTATION it is ‘a state of expecting or anticipating’.  It is the act or state of looking forward to some occurrence.  I believe it should be part of the Christian lifestyle or the Christian way of life.

It includes the aspect of believing for a positive outcome.  It is a knowing, as we live our lives submitted to God, that the final outcome will be a positive outcome in accordance to His word and will.  How expectant are you, to believe God for His goodness and favour on your life?
Are you expecting great things from God?  Is there an expectation in your spirit today?  Are you expecting to hear from God today?  Are you expecting that God could use you today, or next week or for the rest of your life?  Don’t we often settle for far less than what God has promised, when deep within ourselves we know there is more, much more?  Have you given up on your expectation?
Have you got a ‘been there, done that, got the t-shirt’ attitude or have you got a ‘I’ve seen it all before’ attitude?  Or do you have an attitude of expectation, knowing that You have not begun to see what God wants to do?  I challenge you to live your life full of expectation.  Don’t give-in to discouragement and despair.
Believe, believe, believe and be full of anticipation and expectation.
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