Expectation makes all the difference

With expectation I believe so much more can happen.  I have been a worship leader for many years, and I have seen the effect of expectation. When I step up to minister in an environment where there is expectation, things happen. When I step up and there is no sense of expectation, very little happens.
If there is no expectation, what do you think we can expect.
In the story of Noah we see how God tells Noah to do a very specific job. He tells Noah of a great flood and that he must build a large ark. The bible tells us that Noah did everything that God told him to do. But the ark took very long to build. Some estimate it took up to 120 years to build. Others argue it was 75 year or 98 years, but whatever the time span was, it was a long time. So here is Noah building a strange ark for a flood that has never been seen before, surrounded by people who thought he was crazy and yet he continues with this mammoth task…. Why?
Because he believed and was expectant that God would do exactly as He said He would do.  He was expectant that if God said it would rain, he would see the rain.  He was expectant that if God said there would be a flood that there would be a flood.  He remained expectant for 75-120 years and saw God do as he had expected God would do.  If he had given up on his expectation he most likely would have given up on the project.
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