Never give up on your expectation and confidence in God

My father was a Pastor of a wonderful church. The church grew from 90 members to 6500 members under his ministry. During his ministry it was prophesied that his ‘congregation’ would reach 20 000 people. But then he died. I was convinced that the prophetic word was inaccurate as the congregation was only 6500 at the time of his death. I wrote-off the word and gave up on any expectation. BUT God had not forgotten His word. 15 years later we launched a Facebook Fan Page and began to release his old preaching materials. Within 3 months the ‘weekly reach’ of this Fan Page reach 20 000 people, according to official statistics. We were notified by email that it had reached a ‘weekly reach’ of 20 000 people. As I read the email, it did not dawn on me immediately, but as I read it a second time, I was suddenly reminded about the prophetic word and just about jumped off my chair. God had honored his word to my father even though my father had died.
I suddenly realized that I could not write-off what God had said and I was so aware that I need to live with expectation, never giving up, no matter what the circumstance, situation or time frames were.
Expectation will see you through.  Expectation will carry you to victory.
Just think of David, when he saw Goliath, he said ‘who is this philistine that he would come against the armies of God?’  He was filled with expectation that God would bring the victory. You and I must live with the same burning expectation and God will carry us through and bring the positive outcome in our lives and situations.
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