Expectation is 'looking forward'!

There are two aspects to expectation:
1. It is future orientated.
You can’t be expectant for the past.  It has this future orientated dimension.  So it does not matter where you come from or what you have been through.  In a sense we are all back to the beginning when it comes to the future because nothing is guaranteed.  Therefore we can all live with expectation.
2. Expectation is also about looking forward to something.
We can have a positive anticipation.  We can look forward to a positive outcome.  We can be excited and fill with anticipation.  I remember when I started out in ministry. Every day was an adventure. At night I would collapse into bed and could not get to sleep fast enough to be able to get up and see what the next day would hold in store for me.  This is how we should live!
The famous sociologist, Robert K. Merton, wrote that a person’s expectation is directly linked to the Self-fulfilling Prophecy.  The implication of this is: ‘Expect much – get much! Expect less – get less!’
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