Living with direction

Do you live a life that has direction and purpose?  Or do you live a ‘rudderless’ existence.  You are designed to live life with purpose and destiny.  God created each one of us to live with purpose and destiny coursing through our veins.  It is for this reason that when we resort to living life in a rudderless way, we know that we are not living to our full capacity.  Don’t settle for a rudderless existence, pursue a purpose and fulfill a destiny.
A rudder is a device that is used to determine direction.  It is used on ships.  It is a vertical blade at the stern of a vessel that can be turned to change the vessel’s direction when in motion.  It is also used on aircraft.
It is a movable control surface attached to a vertical stabilizer, located at the rear of an airplane and used, along with the ailerons, to turn the airplane while in motion.  In proportion to the size of the ship or the aircraft, a rudder is a very small device that makes a HUGE difference.  A rudder, for the purpose of this discussion, is any means of directing or guiding a course.
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