What it means to be rudderless

To be rudderless is to have no rudder.  When we speak about being rudderless it means we are lacking in direction, control, or coherence.
For example, we speak about the confused and rudderless markets.  What we mean is that the markets are going no-where.  It means we are aimlessly drifting, adrift, afloat, directionless, planless or undirected.  It also means we are purposeless – not evidencing any purpose or goal.  This is no way to live, and yet some people will spend their entire lives aimlessly wondering along.
Recently I heard someone speaking about my home country and they spoke of their concern that the country was rudderless.  Even the world and the countries of the world seem to be operating like this these days. There is a lack of leadership and direction worldwide.
You and I should determine that we will not live like that, even if it is the prevailing pattern.
Rudderless ships get wrecked and rudderless planes always crash.
The same is true in other situations: rudderless countries go into decline and rudderless individuals end up frustrated.
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