The story of David

1205206_64700205Many people of the Bible are testimony to the reality that you can be more than you thought you could be. We see this over and over again. People who’d written themselves off or relegated themselves to more of the same, who because of God’s hand in their lives went on to be far more than they ever thought they could be.
David was just a shepherd boy. He was content with just being a shepherd boy. Do you think that he thought he could kill a giant and save his people? Do you think that he thought he could one day be the king of Israel? Do you think he thought he could write some Psalms and touch the world forever? No, he thought he could be a good shepherd boy. Not even his father and his brothers thought he would amount to much. As Samuel came to anoint a king, David was not even considered. But he became more than he thought he could be.

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