The stories of Rahab and Noah

Rahab was a harlot, a prostitute. She most likely lived on the fringe of society, rejected and labelled. Do you ever think that she thought she would one day save a couple of spies and in the process save her family? Do you think she would have realized that by doing this she would set herself up to part of the line that would eventually lead to the birth of Jesus? No, she never could have known. But she became more than she thought she could be and today she is remembered.
1205206_64700205Did you ever wonder what Noah thought about as he was growing up? Do you think he thought he would build a boat and save the human race? Do you think he thought that God would use him to save humanity? Do you think he thought he would build the biggest craft known to man? Do you think he would have thought he would save all the animals? No, it would never have entered his head! Even while he was building the ark he did not fully grasp the magnitude of what was taking place. The people of the day thought he was crazy. But he became more than he thought he could be. Today he is categorized as the things that legends are made of!

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