The stories of Moses and Abraham

Moses had a shaky start in life. From the time of his birth he was at risk. Here he was a Jewish slave in the royal Egyptian palace. Then he became a criminal by murdering an Egyptian. He becomes a coward by running away into the desert. He ends up spending many years wondering around the desert looking after sheep. Do you think he ever thought he would become the one who would bring his people out of slavery and take them to the Promised Land? Do you think that he thought he would one day part the red sea? Do you think he thought he would ever see God? Do you think that he ever thought that one day he would receive the 10 commandments? No, he could never have imagined. He became more than he thought he could be.

What about Abraham? Abraham left his homeland to go to a destination that he did not know. He simply followed God in blind obedience. Do you think that he ever thought he would be the father of many nations? Do you think he ever thought that as the sands of the sea or the stars in the sky, so would his offspring be? Do you ever think he thought that through him all the nations of the earth would be blessed? Never! But today we know it to be true!

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