Yielding to God

Yielding to GodGod has given us so much. God has given us His son Jesus. God has given us His Holy Spirit.  It is like God has given us an open door to so much more of Himself. How much of God we will experience is limited to how much room we will give Him in our lives. Giving God space in our lives allows Him to work in our lives and we can become all that He intended us to become. But how do we make more space in our lives for God?  Yielding is a very important element.
If we are going to yield ourselves to God we will need to know what it means to yield. The first thing that comes to mind is the traffic sign – a yield sign. This road sign indicates that we need to give right of way to the other person and wait. It is a wonderful picture of how our relationship should be with God.  Giving God right of way in our lives and waiting on and for Him, in every aspect.  If we could remember this picture, I believe that I would greatly help us in understanding how we can yield ourselves to God.

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  1. Yes, we are going to be alright. The magnitude of these things around us calls so much time and efforts from us and we most of the time forgets our in return obligations to our God the Father Who is always there for us no matter what. Being Alive to God, everyone must fulfill the obligations as sons and daughters of Him through His Son Jesus Christ.

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