Yielding our lives

Yielding to GodYielding includes submitting ourselves to God. It entails surrendering or exchanging our control and our desires for Gods desires.  To hand over possession of and to surrender or submit (oneself) to another (God).  Another meaning would be to give up and stop our resistance towards God.  To give Him place.  To give way to God because you no longer want resist Him.  We can submit and yield to God because we can trust Him.
How does it all start? It starts as we yield our lives unconditionally to God.  This is the first step that we must take in order to enjoy all that God has for us.  We need to do this, if we are going to see the blessings that God has promised.   Have you ever handed your life to the Lord?  I believe that it start there.   And then begins a process of giving ourselves to God on an on going basis and as a lifestyle.   This is the exciting lifestyle that God has for each of us.  A lifestyle of dependence on Him.

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