Who wants to live forever

Within each one of us is something that is meant to last forever. A deposit of eternity is placed within us.  It is for this reason that young people will feel invincible and immortal.  When we are young we feel like we will never die and that we will live forever.  It is age and maturity that tells us differently. When we begin to feel our age and discover that we are not as strong as we think we are.


Pastor Ed2As children we grew up in a home where we loved and served God. I was a third generation Christian and the generations before me had loved and served God. As young teenagers my grandparents had died and they had all lived in different cities to us. As a result death was not really an issue to us. In addition to this God had placed His hand on our family and was using us in a way seldom seen. We were busy with a very successful ministry, all serving the Lord and doing the work of the Lord. Although we often saw death, through funerals and dealing with grieving families, it had never touched us. We had begun to feel immortal. Although we knew about death, it was the furthest thing from our minds.
Then one, quite normal day everything changed. In a split second my father was dead at the age of 57. No goodbyes and no farewells. One of the most painful discoveries was to discover that we were mortal and not exempt from death and premature death in this case.
Words like forever begun to have an entirely different meaning. We definitely understood the term ‘till death do us part’. Today we live life very differently. We appreciate every day and appreciate our families because we know that they are not there forever and each moment we are given is to be treasured and enjoyed.
The question was why, when we dealt with death so regularly, did we feel as though it was removed from us?  I think we wanted to live forever and although we knew everyone had to die a physical death, we knew that God had planned eternal life and we somehow had thought it had already started?  The issue is, it had, but our earthly existence had become the be-all and end-all in our lives.

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