Earthly vs. spiritual

Simple FieldI once heard someone say that we are spiritual beings have an earthly experience. We are not earthly beings having spiritual experiences.  This thought has really stuck with me!  You and I are spiritual beings – there is something of eternity that is within us.
If we were merely earthly beings, then life would be the start and the end of our existence. If, however, we are spiritual beings, then earthly life is only part of a much bigger picture.  Why is it that we are so focused on the earthly element of our eternal spiritual lives?
It all depends where our focus is.  Often we begin to believe that our earthly experience is everything and we begin to live as though it is everything.  Then when something goes wrong, our health fails or we are confronted with death, then suddenly we become aware of another dimension.
I am reminded of an old song: ‘This world is not my home, I am just a passing through. My treasure is laid up somewhere beyond the blue.’

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