This world is not our home

Simple FieldThis world is not our home. We are eternal spiritual beings having a temporary earthly experience.  Yet the strange thing is that what we do while here on earth and the choices we make have an eternal significance.   This is what makes our time on earth so important.
We have a quote on our wall and it says: ‘Only one life to live and it will soon be past, only what’s done for Christ will last’.
This world is not our home, but yet we live as though there is nothing else. People get consumed and entangled in life. There is a mad rush to acquire as much as possible and this is called materialism.
One day an old lady in our church died. She had never married and had no one to inherit her belongings so she left her earthly possessions to our church. I was given the responsibility of going to clear out her home and to dispose of everything. It was such a lesson for me. In all her things she was still keeping things that she thought she could use one day. There were special towel sets and bed linen, still in its original packaging. It was brand new, never been used, yet outdated and old. Because of its dated design and colours no one really wanted it and here she had been preserving it for some future use.
How often we live like this. We are getting hold of all we can get our hands on, holding onto it because perhaps we will need it or use it.  Don’t live as though you’re here forever – this world is not your home!

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