Where is your treasure?

The stormy cloudsWhat is valuable to you? What would you consider your treasure? Some people may say that their careers or their jobs are their treasures. Other may say their families or their friends may be their treasures. Still others may say that their money and the things they own are their treasures.  Treasures (things that are important and valuable) play an important role in our lives, because of this important role we need to re-evaluate things from time to time. We are going to look at the issue of ‘where is your treasure?’
This is a great place to start. A treasure can be many things, but fundamentally it is something of great value to the owner.  It is something of great worth or value and esteemed as being rare and precious.  It is something we hold onto or keep as being something precious.  A treasure can be a different thing to different people.

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