The role of treasures in our lives

The stormy cloudsTreasures have a profound influence on our lives. They have the ability to influence our motivations and feelings.  Treasures not only have value to us but they are also important to us.  In the light of their importance in our lives they receive the attention and focus of our lives.
I once knew a lady who collected diamond rings. She had trays of rings all displayed. I would go and visit her and she would pull them out and show them to me. She was constantly improving the security at her home to ensure the safety of these jewels. As she got older she became ill, but that did not stop her from going out to purchase more jewels. Her family relations became estranged, but she still had her jewels. Several years later she died and left all these valuable items behind.
The issue is that treasure influences our lives.  They have the potential of demanding our focus and attention and they can sidetrack us from the real issues of life.


God sees things very differently.  God sees things from an eternal perspective.

Proverbs 15:6 The house of the righteous contains great treasure.

God is not limited to time and space and the Bible tells us that He owns the cattle on a thousand hills.  In Psalms it tells us that the earth and all that it contains belongs to God.  Earthly treasures do not concern God! He is looking for our hearts.  God is after your heart.

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  1. I dont quite agree with you because i have a collection of stamps its not the value that i think of but is the interrest that i have in it in acumulating the collection, but its mostly depends on how one thinks in youre collectipon, do i want to be better then the next person, or do i collect houses hotels just to show my wealth ,or do i do it to put a roof over ones head,I am building up a hotel sight on the kei river, to see people enjoy themselves on the river so as to bring a new peace of mind from the rat race, but maybe its fore some people to keep away there lonlyiness. because i am all fore coolecting interresting things d.l.miles

  2. Thanks for your daily messages, God bless u and continue touching other people’s heart and bring a change into their lives. Thank u Lord….!

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