What love is

What is loveIn this scripture God gives you and I a definition of the quality and character of love. He gives us a list of adjectives (describing words), which tell us or explain to us what love is.
There are 8 things that the Bible tells is love is. Here is the list of what love is:

  1. Love is patient. Not hasty!
  2. Love is kind. Sympathetic and helpful!
  3. Love rejoices in the truth. Sincere in action, character, and utterance
  4. Love protects. Defends, shields and guards.
  5. Love always trusts. It believes and has confidence in.
  6. Love always hopes. Looks forward with positive anticipation.
  7. Love perseveres. It does not give up.
  8. Love never fails. It does not die, stop or loose its strength.

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