True dedication

The definition of concentration is:the direction of attention to a single object. This speaks to me of being single minded.  Live with purpose.  The direction of our attention is towards a specific goal.  The goal of experiencing all that God has for us of Himself.  This is a life-time adventure.  And eternity will not be long enough for this voyage of discovery.
Thomas Edison was a scientist and a inventor.   It is said that He only slept four hours a night.  Because he was totally dedicated to his research and projects.  He lived for nothing else.  The result was breakthrough.  He managed to produce many important inventions.  Many of which you and I still benefit from today.  Electric light is just one.  He was focused and concentrated and today we all benefit.
We need a couple of Thomas Edison’s in the Christian Faith. Those who will press through and open the way for many others.  Maybe, you could be someone like that.

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