Disciples demonstrate and exhibit the love of God

John 13:35 ‘ By this all men will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.’

Where there is genuine love and care, it is a testimony to the fact that we are disciples of Jesus Christ. How do we love?  By being interested and helping others where possible. By being His hands and His feet to those around us.  We must demonstrate His love. We must exhibit His love.
We can be considerate, kind, tender-hearted and a helping hand for others. In our modern world this is so foreign. We are so busy fighting our way up the ladder of success that we don’t realize that what we thought was a rung on the ladder is actually someone else’s head.  When we practically love one another, it is decisive evidence that we are like our Savior.
In the New Testament church people where ready to lay their lives down for one another. There was deep, genuine care and affection. Today we live in a world dominated by self and selfishness.  We must break free from its clutches and demonstrate and exhibit the love of God. Jesus is the greatest picture of love and we should be a reflection of this great love.

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