Be strengthened by the Lord

1 Chronicles 16:11 Seek the Lord and His strength; yearn for and seek His face and to be in His presence continually! (Amplified Bible)

I believe that God wants to come and strengthen each one of us. Years ago I was serving in our country’s defense force. I did six months of border duty in the operational area. I was based near a large field hospital. From time to time, after interactions with the enemy, wounded enemy soldiers would be brought back to the field hospital for treatment. Often they had lost a lot of blood. The medical personal would then call out the blood groups of the wounded enemy soldiers and we would be required to step up to donate blood for these wounded individuals. As they received the blood they would start to recover and then they would receive medical attention. These wounded men would recover as they received the blood to replace what they had lost, they would be strengthened and start recovering. In the same way, as we stay connected to God, we can receive His strength to help us overcome the wounds we pick up during the course of life, and we can be strengthened! What does it mean to be STRENGTHENED by God? It means to allow God to make you strong. It means to let God restore you to strength, or give you His strength. It can include allowing God to sustain or encourage you. Receive His strength right now and be made strong, made bold and encouraged. Encouraged – Enabled with courage!

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  1. These daily messages have been and are an anchor in my life. I suffer from an un diagnosed illness, and these daily messages give me so much hope and strength. Thank you. God bless your ministry. Alida Windell

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