Five different tests that we face: the wilderness test

Moses was a man who faced this test.  He spent 40 years wondering around the wilderness while God had greatness planned for him.
The wilderness test is a test of time. When you face this test you go through a season where nothing seems to change.  Every day it just seems like more of the same and breakthrough never seems to come.  It is almost as if you wonder around aimlessly waiting for something that seems impossible and almost utterly unlikely.  But God never forgot Moses and eventually called him out of the wilderness to deliver the people from captivity.
During this test we can get discouraged and just feel like giving up.  But don’t! Keep on doing the right thing and eventually your day will come.  Don’t be like Abraham, who after waiting for years wondering through the wilderness of barrenness he made the mistake of taking matters into his own hands and the results were disastrous to this day.

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  1. A rhema word for me. God bless you for allowing Him to use you. A word in season. Blessings!

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