Five different tests that we face: the failure test

David was a man who faced this test. Although he had come through great storms and conquered Goliath, a bear and a lion, he had a weakness and this weakness eventually brought him to the failure test.  It was the lowest point of his life.  When we face the failure test nothing seems to work. Everything we try falls apart.
You have heard the phrase: ‘Everything he/she touches turns to gold!’ Well you know this is not true for you.  You may even be making comments about yourself that sound like this: ‘Nothing I do ever works!’ or ‘I better not try because in all likelihood I will fail!’
The trap in this test is frustration and hopelessness. This is what we must avoid.  The key to passing this test is to try again and again and again. One day this test will be over for you and you will succeed.
I have a weaver bird in my garden. He has been weaving nests all spring for his lady bird. He started on the end of one of the leaves of the palm tree and he weaved a perfect nest. It was a picture of engineering perfection. Along came the female and took one look at it and rejected it. He begun again about 20cms further up the branch and this one looked even better, she rejected it again and he is now almost complete with the third one. In his little heart he knows that one day the tide will turn and that female will see things differently and they will be on their way to a future generation.
Have that same sense of knowing in your heart that God will come through for you and one day the test will be over and you will walk in victory.

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