Pass your test

Yes you can pass the test you are facing. Yes you can come through on the other side in victory. Yes you can.  Once we pass the test we can move on to the next thing.  If we don’t pass the test we are held back and limited in our effectiveness.  In fact we end up immature, incomplete and lacking something.  No one wants to get to the end of their lives and realize that in fact I am immature, incomplete and I was always lacking something.  We want to pass the test and be mature, complete and lacking nothing.
I have a friend who never completed high school. It was something he regretted. And so, in his forties, he decided that he would humble himself and attempt to complete his high school diploma (matric, as we call it in our country). It was not easy and it was embarrassing. He had to phone and register and they of course would always want to know his age. He got the study material and started studying diligently. It was a further embarrassment when he had to arrive in a room full of teenagers to write his exam. But he did and he passed and as he showed me his matric certificate I could see that this man was ready for anything.
Passing the test is the best thing. Even if it means going back and passing the test. Yes you can pass the test that you are facing right now. I pray that you will have the courage and perseverance to make the right choice and pass the test.  There is so much more in store for you!

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