Human again

God has meant for us as humans to enjoy and experience hope on an ongoing basis. God is the God of hope and as such hope is one of the gifts God gives us. However, often we lose hope and get discouraged. Discouragement should be nothing more than a temporary moment on the road back to hope.  We need hope in our lives.  We cannot live without hope.
In the movie ‘BEAUTY AND THE BEAST’ released by DISNEY there is a wonderful lesson. In the movie we see how the prince is turned into a beast and all the people in the palace are turned into various pieces of furniture. Everything stays this way until the prince (now a beast) can learn to love. One day Beauty arrives at the palace and suddenly the people in the palace, who have been turned into furniture, realize that things could change and that they could once again become real people. As a result they start to sing a song: ‘We will be human again, oh so human again.’

Without hope we can feel like life is not worth living. As human beings we were meant to experience constant hope.  When we have hope we can feel human, like God intended us to be.

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  1. Amen! This is truly a now word. There are so many prophetic words released globally about God hearing the cries for hope from the earth and His desire to restore hope to His people. There is also a prophetic promise that God prepared angel armies who are ready and waiting to release storms of hope, harvest and healing on the earth!

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