Being born into the family of God

Pastor Ed RoebertBeing born physically into an earthly family is a total miracle! A new person has come to join a family! It is something that is completely beyond human comprehension or description.
Being born spiritually into God’s “forever family” is also a total miracle!  To see a person recognise that they have received new life from Jesus; have been born into a new family the family of God is something that baffles human understanding, and is too wonderful to describe.
As a prospective mother receives a seed of life and brings forth a new creation in human birth, so a person receives the seed of the Word of God preached to them into their hearts, and a new life is born.  As a mother has to face the rigors of childbirth to bring forth her child, and even in some cases comes close to death, so Jesus faced the rigors of the cross and the pains of death to bring forth life for us.
When a child is born into a family he does not understand the implications of his birth. He does not understand what a family is nor what security it offers. He does not understand the privilege of having loving parents, brothers or sisters. He does not understand that he may have been born into a rich, or Royal family. Only as the years go by does he recognise the privileges which have accompanied his birth.

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