The privileges and the inheritance that are yours

Pastor Ed RoebertWhen you were born into God’s family you didn’t realise  or recognise the privileges and the inheritance that are yours, that God is your Father, that Jesus is your Elder Brother and that you are part of the Royal Family of God.
The Bible, which is God’s Word, brings this into focus for you. It explains:

  • What happened to you when you became His Child.
  • What your privileges are as part of God’s family

What happens when the gospel is preached to a person and they surrender to the Lord Jesus Christ? That person becomes a convert. As he grows in the Lord and learns lesson upon lesson from the Word of God, he becomes a disciple. As a disciple, he goes on to understand how he can be use of God, and he then becomes a worker. As a worker, under God, he may learn certain things at the hand of the Lord and become a leader.
Once a person has had an encounter with the living Christ and he has entered into this new life and has become a convert, one of the first things he needs to understand is what happened to him when he became converted.

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