What does it mean to yield?

Joy of Yielding
The word ‘yield’ is not a modern word, nor is it a word we hear every day. But it is a word that can help us as we pursue a closer more intimate relationship with God.
Yielding means surrendering our lives to God.  The word yield is a verb, it is something we do.  It includes: to bring, to present, to surrender, to give right of way, to give as fitting or rightfully owed, or required and to submit.  Perhaps if we look at the opposite we can grasp this concept a little easier.  The opposite of yield is to resist, reject and to hold off!  It can even go further to include stubbornness and what the Bible calls ‘stiff-necked’.
So we don’t want to resist or reject God. We certainly do not want to hold off on God. But we want to embrace and give to Him what belongs to Him, our hearts and our lives. We want to give Him right of way in our lives.

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