Right of way

Joy of Yielding
In a modern context the word yield is used in traffic signs. We all know what a yield sign is. When we see a yield sign we usually back off and give priority to another person.
If we can see this picture in our minds it will help us give God the right of way that He deserves in our lives.  A right of way is a legal right of passage over another person’s property.
We have the right of way over our lives, it is what we call free will. But when we give our hearts and lives to God and receive Jesus Christ as our personal Lord and Savior, we give up that right and we give God the right of way in our lives.
As we apply this to our daily lives we often revert back and take back this right of way to some degree or another.  It is for this reason that we need to on an on-going basis yield ourselves to God and in the process honoring the right of way we have already given Him.  It is a joy and a delight to do this.

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