Help God, I need you!

need God
There are times when we feel weak. There are times when we feel desperate, pressurised and discouraged. There is nothing unique about this it is common to all of mankind. And it is for this reason that we need a source of strength that does not come from ourselves.
Again and again we see how that God has strength, which He wants to make available to each one of us. I know that I need the strength that God offers and I am sure the same is true for you. Let’s trust God for His strength in our lives!
We need to reach out to the Lord for help. This is where it all starts.  When we get to the point that we have reached the end of all our own strength, we are at a place from which His strength can become a reality to us.
Recently I received an email from someone. This is what they said: ‘There are days when I feel there’s not much to live for, when I just feel like giving up’. We all have these days.  When we get to this point we desperately need God and His strength.  If you feel discouraged, disheartened or about to despair, then it is time to run to the one who has the strength that you need.

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