Everything else in life is subservient to this

January 2013 756When we talk about Jesus Christ being our all, it should be the overriding fact in our lives. Everything else is subservient to this.  This includes your calling.  This includes your gifting.  This includes your goals and plans.  No area of our lives can remain closed to God. God does not like second place.
I once heard a story about a man who battled with gambling. After many years God miraculously delivered him from this addiction and he enjoyed great freedom and a wonderful abiding sense of the presence of God in his life. One day as he was driving past a casino he had this strong desire to go inside and have a quick gamble. As he battled the temptation, he said, God would you leave me alone for just 5 minutes, and he went in and gambled. From that day everything changed. He would forever regret that day, because he lost the battle and no longer enjoyed the presence of God as before.
God does not like to play ‘second fiddle’. Christ must be all and everything else subservient!

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