Everyone has a role to play

a little can become muchThere were three people involved with this miracle besides for Jesus.  Each person had a different role and response to the situation.  Jesus was watching each person’s response and reaction to the unfolding situation.
The three people were Philip, Andrew and the little boy. Perhaps you will see yourself in one of these characters?  Each person responded in a unique way and for each person there is a lesson to be learned. God also wants to move in our lives in wonderful ways, but what will our reaction be?
There was a major problem at hand. Thousands of people were hungry and had not eaten for some time.  Jesus was concerned about the fact that the people where hungry.  Here is Jesus’ question: Turning to Philip He asked, “Philip, where can we buy bread to feed all these people?”
Jesus wanted to meet the people’s need. They were hungry and He wanted to feed them.  The same is true for you. God wants to meet your need.  The question was just HOW?  How could they possibly feed so many people when they had just about nothing? Jesus had a plan and He would perform a great miracle.

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