Philip's role

a little can become muchPhilip was one of the players in this drama. He was a realist. He looked at things from a rational and analytic point of view. He knew when things were impossible.
Here is the story: Turning to Philip He asked, “Philip, where can we buy bread to feed all these people?” (He was testing Philip, for He already knew what he was going to do.) Philip replied, “It would take a fortune to begin to do it!”  Philip recognized the impossibility, but not the person who was asking him the question. Philip was completely negative.
Sometimes when God wants to move in our lives we react in the same way. Are you like Philip? When you see a problem you work it out in your mind without including God in the equation.  Perhaps you come the same conclusion as Philip: “It would take a fortune to begin to do it!”  All Philip could see was the impossible even though God was standing right next to Him.

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