Make a decision to engage

fresh startThis is not a time to disengage.  It is time to make a decision to engage.
I was recently standing in the waves on the beach, enjoying the cool refreshing water, when I noticed a helicopter flying down the beach, just above the surf in my direction. I stopped and stood in the waves watching and imagining what it would be like to fly low-level over the beach. As it approached I could see into the cockpit and I could clearly see the pilots looking down at me. Then, the one pilot raised his hand and waved at me. Instantaneously I waved back as we acknowledged each other and they passed over my head. I thought to myself, the people on the beach must think I am crazy, a grown man waving at a helicopter? But I did not care, because even through this God was speaking to me. God wants us to engage with Him.
There is an old song with the following words: Reach out and touch the Lord as He passes by. You’ll find He’s not too busy to hear your heart’s cry. He is passing by this moment, your needs to supply. Reach out and touch the Lord as He passes by!
Sometimes we are so worried about what others will say. Perhaps some will say that we are fanatics. But don’t let that influence you.  It is time to engage with God.   It is time to engage with the work of the Lord.   It is time to engage with His chosen vehicle, the church.  It’s time to get involved.  It’s time to get committed.  It’s time to start making a difference and doing something different. Like the gears in an engine that come together and interlink or interlock and produce results, it is time for you and me to engage and interlock our lives with God, His people and His church.
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