Don't become weary

do goodGalatians 5:9 ‘become weary…’
We need to be on the alert that we do not become weary. Sometimes we can do good and we do not see the fruit or the reward of our actions.  This can lead to us getting tired of doing good. It is natural and to be expected, but the Apostles counsels us not to get weary.  In our choice to do good there is a danger that we could get tired of it.  What does this phrase ‘become weary’ actually mean?
Some of the commentaries use an old English word to explain this. It is the word ‘flag’. It is a strange word and it means to become unsteady, feeble, or spiritless or to decline in interest. It is the picture of a flag on a flagpole that is waving in the wind. When the wind stops the flag stops waving and ‘flags’ or hangs loosely. It no longer does what it was designed to do because the wind has gone.
Perhaps the wind has gone out of your ability to ‘do good’.
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