'Doing good' involves a decisive action that brings about a change

do goodWe are called to be light and salt.  Light that does not shine is of no effect.  Salt that does not bring flavour is of no value. Light and salt have to do their job so that the effect can be felt.
If we are going to be effective in this aspect we need to take some action. For too long we have relied on good intentions, speaking and feelings without stepping into action.  The delay, the procrastination, the laziness and selfishness needs to stop and real action must now become the new normal.
A star only has a value when it shines.  We should actively be reflecting the light of God into the lives and circumstances of those around us. We should have the same attitude as Moses had when he said:

Numbers 10:32 If you come with us, we will share with you whatever good things the LORD gives us.

Let us do whatever we can. Let us share whatever good things the Lord has given us with others.
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