Our past can become our biggest hindrance

A Forward ApproachOne of the greatest keys to success in life is the ability to be able to go forward into what lies ahead and away from the past with its success or failure. How often we live in the past.  It is a difficult concept because our only frame of reference is the past and yet our past can become our biggest hindrance.
I know a lady who lived during the Second World War and it had a profound effect on her. As a result of living in a time when nothing was available, everything had to be kept – just in case. Although she never suffered lack, she could not shake this ‘in case’ attitude. In the process she spent her life hoarding things, most of which she never used or enjoyed. When it came time to move to a retirement home, most of the things had to be disposed of by relatives, much to the heartache of the lady!
It is so easy to live in the past and in the process our past (however good or bad) can rob us of our present and future freedom.
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2 thoughts on “Our past can become our biggest hindrance

  1. I am partly living in the past, because of my nostalgia radio programmes, but every night I ask the Lord to let me join my saintly mother in His paradise when I leave this world behind.
    Henry Holloway

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