The rear view mirror

A Forward ApproachOur past successes and our past failures can be our biggest hindrance. I once heard a story of an older accomplished motor racing driver who was busy training a new potential driver. As they got into the racing car, the older driver taught the younger man a valuable lesson. Before even starting the car he reached up and grabbed the rear view mirror and ripped it off, throwing it out of the window. He said what is behind you is behind you and you will never win a race if you are preoccupied with what is going on behind you or in your past. You win a race by looking forward towards the goal. That was all this new driver needed to be concerned about.
In a sense this lesson applies to our everyday life. When we drive a care we cannot continually be focused on what is going on in the rear view mirror. This is sure to land us in an accident. We have to focus on what is happening ahead.
How much time do you spend looking in the rear view mirror of life? We need to be radical. We need to rip out the rear view mirrors of our lives. We need to stop focusing on the little we can see through the rear view mirror and start looking through the windscreen, which is many times the size of the mirror and is the window on all that lies ahead.
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